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how to make thanksgiving mashed potato

04 Easy Steps to make ThanksGiving Mashed Potato | Secret Recipe

How to Make Thanks Giving Mashed Potato Dinner Every year, I’m tasked with one job at my in-laws’ Thanksgiving; make the mashed potatoes. It is neither a glamorous nor a respected job. They didn’t even serve mashed potatoes until I came along and insisted that I be a neighborhood of the day, so now i’m...
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How our contest for the best po’boy in Louisiana sparked romance

Competition in our USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards tends to get pretty heated, but in recent months, one of our contests heated up in a way that none of us here at 10Best expected. In 2016, we held a Readers’ Choice Award for the Best Po’Boy in Louisiana and the race was tight between...
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Why pickle juice and fried chicken are such a magical combination

Fried chicken has been an inescapable part of the American culinary scene for well over a century now. The practice of frying chicken may have first been brought to the New World by Scottish immigrants, but it was African cooks, brought to the American South as part of the slave trade, that perfected the flavor...
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What ‘imitation crab’ meat is actually made of

When is a crab not a crab? Why, when it’s instead krab, crabstick, “crab,” processed crab, crab-fish protein, Japanese crab, French crab or any of the other multitude of names that imitation crab is marketed and sold by throughout the world. But what exactly is imitation crab, and why is it so intent on masquerading...
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All you need to know about Romanesco, the world’s prettiest vegetable

Fall has arrived, and all manner of exciting fruits and vegetables are invading the produce section. But one piece of produce steals the show every single fall without ever breaking a sweat: Romanesco – the most beautiful vegetable in the world. Even if the name Romanesco doesn’t ring any bells for you, you’ve likely noticed...
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You need to try these 10 international takes on pancakes

Photo courtesy of E+ / GMVozd The pancake possibilities are endless Nothing says American breakfast like a stack of hot pancakes topped with a slab of butter and a pool of maple syrup slowly dripping down the sides. But in some countries, the doughy pancake isn’t a dish limited to breakfast. From savory sides to...
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What you need to know about Appalachian food

There are two common misconceptions when it comes to Appalachia. Firstly, to avoid a faux pas when discussing this region, it’s pronounced App-uh-latch-uh, not App-a-lay-cha. Second, the cuisine is, as you may have heard, not all roadkill and squirrel stews. It’s this second myth which offers the most room for exploration. The Southern states are...
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10 small batch maple syrups you need to try

Maple syrup sweetens up everything from breakfast to desserts and even cocktails! — Photo courtesy of Getty Images / showcake Quebec has set a new record for maple production this year, which is major considering that in years past, this Canadian province was responsible for producing 72% of the world’s supply of maple syrup. Though...
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These experiences are putting Hamburg’s food scene on the map

Note from 10Best: Someday, we’ll all be ready to pack our suitcases again and head out on our next adventures. In the meantime, we’ll keep supporting the places that inspire us. Hamburg, Germany’s dynamic culinary scene has been evolving rapidly in recent years, attracting the attention of food-loving locals and tourists alike. Across the city...
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What types of pumpkins can you cook with?

If you want to bring a bit of autumnal flair to your table, nothing says fall feast like pumpkins! The pumpkin’s gorgeous orange hue makes any dish it’s added to as visually appealing as it is appetizing. Pumpkin pies, pumpkin spice, pumpkin soup – there are plenty of ways to enjoy this fruit. Since pumpkins...
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