boeing return to service by faa approval

Boeing 737 Max Cleared by F.A.A. to Operate Again

Boeing’s 737 Max may soon be taking to the skies with passengers, as the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) on Wednesday cleared carriers to seek the proper certifications for the aircraft before returning to service. Following two deadly crashes—in March 2019 by Ethiopian Airlines and in October 2018 by Indonesia’s Lion Air—the 737 Max aircraft were grounded worldwide. In total, all 346 people onboard the flights were killed....
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Aloha Maui hawaii

27 Secret Things to Do in Maui Hawaii Maui’s Aloha | 11th is MY FAVORITE

27 Best Things to Do in Maui Hawaii Maui’s Aloha is famous among the visitors for her beautiful beaches, delicious food, friendly people, stunning landscape, and perfect weather. 01. Gifts from a Small Island Visitors enjoy Maui in Hawaii for its warm, tropical weather; beautiful beaches; and the welcoming ways of traditional Hawaiian culture and...
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hawaii maui best beaches to go

Howie Goes to Maui

Four Seasons has earned a reputation as one of the best names in luxury travel, thanks in large part to those little extras that elevate your vacation from good to excellent. At the Four Seasons Maui, kids and adults alike will find programs catered especially for them with the resort’s WeTime/MeTime family program. To introduce...
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10 Best Seafood Places on Maui

10 Best Seafood Places on Maui As the old saying goes, hard work always makes food taste better.  If that’s true then your vacation is the perfect time to conduct the ultimate taste test.  And what better place to evaluate seafood options than the Hawaiian Island of Maui?  It’s time to relax, take a break...
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10 Best Nightlife Spots on Maui

Most visitors to Maui are looking to escape the busy nature and stress of everyday life. However, many still appreciate planned busyness and enjoy regular visits to local taverns. If you are a night owl traveling to the Valley Isle, fear not. You don’t have to take a break from tearing up the dance floor...
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10 Best Maui Restaurants

Maui may be an island in the middle of the Pacific, but there is certainly no shortage of top-notch eateries here. Food plays an essential role in Hawaiian culture. Traditionally, family members and friends regularly gathered around a calabash, a large wooden bowl, to share meals. ItÂ’s no wonder then that Maui provides an escape...
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10 Best Hotels & Lodging on Maui

As inconvenient as it is, as humans, we must sleep. As a result of turning from our nomadic wasy and settling into permanent dwellings some 10,000 years ago, we are no longer used to the process of seeking out a suitable bed each night. At no time is this more apparent than when planning a...
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Best Attractions & Activities on Maui

Yearning for the spray of salt water in your face as you zip across the ocean surface in a catamaran sailboat?  Dying to meet a few lively sea creatures face-to-face in their submarine homes? Or do your interests lie purely in letting the steady sound rhythm of waves relieve your stress while you kick back...
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Best Attractions & Activities in Destin

With all of the things to do and see in a city, deciding how to spend your time can be quite an agonizing decision. 10best has narrowed all of the available attractions in Destin to a list of the most appealing and reputable, to aide in your decision making. You can rest easy knowing that...
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how to make thanksgiving mashed potato

04 Easy Steps to make ThanksGiving Mashed Potato | Secret Recipe

How to Make Thanks Giving Mashed Potato Dinner Every year, I’m tasked with one job at my in-laws’ Thanksgiving; make the mashed potatoes. It is neither a glamorous nor a respected job. They didn’t even serve mashed potatoes until I came along and insisted that I be a neighborhood of the day, so now i’m...
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